The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s ongoing operations and publishing programme depend on the generous support of private donors and corporate sponsors. This assistance, and the rewarding partnerships thus generated, are sincerely appreciated. The work of the Foundation is ongoing. It welcomes financial support for its operations, and for its coming projects described at Planned Books

The heritage and legacy aspect of our mission is central to the Foundation’s funding and donor relations. We provide an avenue for donors, whether philanthropists or corporations, to contribute to their societies.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the financial support, and friendship, of its Founding Benefactor, Dr Helmut Sohmen. Very longstanding and kind assistance from Jebsen Group and Deacons, respectively the Foundation’s Secretariat and Honorary Lawyer, is most greatly appreciated.

Donors for particular book projects are presented below, with the Foundation’s sincere thanks. They are ordered from the most recent to the earliest books, by their year of publication.