The Photographic Heritage Foundation portrays the images of Asia’s pioneer photographers. We form a bridge between little-known photos, their places of origin, and all those interested in Asia’s history and heritage.

The objectives of the Foundation are to locate and identify photographs in archives and private collections; to revive their context and meaning; and to publish them in books, exhibitions and online. Assisted by funding support from our donors, the Foundation operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Over time photographs become fragments of history. Yet, especially given the often profound development of the places they portray, such images are invaluable records. Countless numbers of historical images are held by institutions and by individuals. Until brought to light and published, effectively they are ‘lost’.

The Foundation is a Hong Kong company limited by guarantee. The body was established in 2008 as a Hong Kong Charitable Institution. The photos below, with brief stories, present the Foundation’s objectives and outcomes, together with endorsements of our mission and work. At the bottom, visit a captioned photo sequence, Events and People

Events and People

Saturday Chow