The publication of Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong in 2005 was the genesis for the establishment of The Photographic Heritage Foundation. The book had critical and sales success, highlighting the public interest in Hong Kong and Asian photographic heritage.

Thus Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong is shown below, though it was first published by the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation – the precursor body to this Foundation.

Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong’s photographic, text content and design templates were refined to establish The Photographic Heritage Foundation’s publishing identity. Today, the Foundation seeks out little-known – often entirely unknown – historically important, visually compelling Asian documentary images. These it publishes in its books, with art quality reproduction and rigorous, lively narratives.

The Foundation’s book jackets are presented below. Scroll down and click on any jacket. Read about the book and check out its reviews. Besides published reviews, a few books include commentaries by people with special knowledge of the book topic. Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong reviews will be added as they appear.

Books can be purchased online off this website.