Hong Kong Nature Landscapes

Photographer and Author: Edward Stokes
Publisher: The Photographic Heritage Foundation (HK) with Hong Kong University Press (HK), 2010
Format: Hardback, 255mm x 280mm, 176pp.
Photos: Colour
ISBN: 978-988-8028-18-4


Hong Kong Nature Landscapes presents a retrospective of Edward Stokes strongest Hong Kong photographs, taken between 1993 and 2003. Follow him as he captures the near and remote parts of the territory’s natural setting.

Hong Kong Nature Landscapes explores the local countryside’s most memorable regions: Hong Kong Island, the Northeastern New Territories, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, the Outlying Islands and the Wilson Trail. Each region is portrayed with images of its main features. Essays reveal the landscapes, human stories, natural history and ecology.

The book will inspire those interested in landscapes, nature or photography. Notes on Hong Kong’s natural history add to the book. Edward Stokes’ feel for light, and his visual and technical mastery of landscape photography, enrich the images. Detailed, yet accessible, photographic commentaries add interest to the book.

Hong Kong Nature Landscapes shows Hong Kong’s countryside with superb images. The book will be treasured by all who appreciate nature and admire fine photography.

Edward Stokes, the photographer and author of Hong Kong Nature Landscapes, at the 2010 book launch, the Foreign Correspondents Club.

The Chinese expression for ‘landscape’ is shan shui, meaning ‘mountains water’. As the book’s images reveal, the phrase suits Hong Kong perfectly. In few other South China regions are hills and sea blended together in such dramatic grandeur. And in few other places do impressive natural beauty, superb landscapes and diverse ecology exist so close to a metropolis.

Part of the magic of the Hong Kong countryside lies in this proximity to the city. The countryside’s deeper appeal springs from its purely natural features: sheer slopes and exhilarating ridges; cascading streams and wooded valleys; rocky coasts, islets and islands; and the native flora and fauna.

‘Edward Stokes is a photographer, historian and conservationist. This book reflects each of those qualities. Through his photographs he captures the evolution of Hong Kong’s natural landscapes, and he portrays their beauty and ecology.’

Dr Gary Ades, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden