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“Lest the past years vanish as smoke, we have tried to record them.”


The Photographic Heritage Foundation operated from 2008 to late 2023. The Foundation’s website remains a useful reference for photo heritage experts, other researchers, and the Hong Kong community. Thus, for the foreseeable future the site will remain online.   


The site remains as it was in late 2023. No minor word changes have been made to indicate that the Foundation’s is now “past not present”.

Exhibition, December 2021 To September 2022 – Asia Society Hong Kong Center

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Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence, above, was an exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The photo below shows the Closing Ceremony of the Exhibition, with its Sponsor, Supporters, and Foundation representatives. The Ceremony was held to mark the end of this very successful exhibition.

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The Foundation’s origins, Patrons, Board and Advisors are below the photo links.

Discover what we do

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Visitors to the exhibition Recovery, Resilience, Resurgence.

Explore the latest books

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Book launch for Marjorie Doggett’s Singapore, 2019.

Visit our photo exhibitions


The Foundation’s exhibition curator presents a tour, 2021.  

Read some media reports

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Media at a Foundation exhibition opening, 2017.

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The Photographic Heritage Foundation was established in 2008. A Hong Kong not-for-profit body, it presents Asia’s photographic heritage. The Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and a Hong Kong Charitable Institution (Section 88 Inland Revenue). The Foundation offers tax exemption to its donors and sponsors.

The Foundation is a bridge between rare – often forgotten – historical photographs of Asia, especially of Hong Kong, and communities today. The photos that the Foundation seeks out, researches, and publishes are mirrors to modern societies. In partnership with our sponsors, we originate highly reviewed books and exhibitions. These bring to light the images of earlier photographers – to ensure the preservation of their photos and to record their achievement.

Bernard Charnwut Chan   Professor Wang Gungwu


Helmuth Hennig, Chairman   Peter Aherne   Nicholas Kitto


Founder and Publisher
Edward Stokes


Founding Advisor
Dr Helmut Sohmen


Honorary Lawyers
Deacons, John Richardson


Foundation Designer
Colin Tillyer


Foundation Advisors
Robert Baxter   Norman de Brackinghe
Ko Tim-keung   Liu Kin-ming
Gael Newton AM

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