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“Photographs are a most significant part of the historical record. The photos that The Photographic Heritage Foundation publishes are historical documents in themselves.

Professor Wang Gungwu, Foundation Patron

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The Photographic Heritage Foundation portrays the images of Asia’s pioneer photographers. Over time their photos become fragments of the past, doubly so given rapid modern development. Yet these images provide invaluable historical records.


The Foundation has a can-do ethos. We locate and identify photos in archives and other places, locally and overseas. We research their context and meaning. We publish and disseminate the images in books, exhibitions and online. We engage with educational institutions at all levels.  


The Foundation greatly appreciates the interest and generous support of its donors and sponsors.

Lee Fook Chee with his 1950s Zeiss-Ikonta cameras.

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Asia's Photo Heritage

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Publishing Books

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Benefiting Archives

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Curating Exhibitions

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Events and People

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