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Hong Kong Nature Landscapes

Commentary: Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, Governor of Hong Kong, 1987 – 1992      

With his outstanding photographs, Edward Stokes records and brings back to life the superb countryside which is the essential foil to Hong Kong’s urban exuberance. The countryside deserves such dedication and affectionate remembrance. It deserves to go on being celebrated and enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Economic Journal, 2010

The luminosity of light streaming to the reader’s eye from the pages of Hong Kong Nature Landscapes is quite wonderful. Coffee table books with collections of initially eye-catching images impress but are soon forgotten. By contrast, Edward Stokes, through drawing us into his world as he planned, reconnoitered, and captured each of the book’s images, embeds his experience in our memories. This is exactly what great photographs can do, creating a lasting impact in the mind of the viewer. The book also demonstrates that how photographs are presented and contextualized makes a huge difference to their impact and meaning.


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